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Update I guess?

Sheeeeeesh. I made a joke about writing two posts and falling off the face of the earth but I didn't think I'd be serious.

Anyways, what's new? A lot of things I guess. I started shooting shows on a regular schedule and that has really lit a new fire in me regarding my career. Since the pandemics "end", I've gotten back in the darkroom and started printing more images. Kind of a pain the ass at the end of the day but its worth it. I made a snap decision to move to Los Angeles and chase this dream of taking pictures full time. Quickly it's fizzled out. Not the dream, but the whole moving thing. Everyone in the house is moving out in a few weeks so by the time I'd get settled I'd have to be out again. Not really ideal? But for the time being, it's a place to sleep so I don't have to drive all the way home to OC after a show or something. I still want to be in LA, but I'd have to find someone to rent with me and get a more consistent shooting schedule which isn't hard. I spent all of January trying to book shoots for February, and after making some friends, someone got me 3 paying gigs in a matter of hours. Crazy. Nepotism runs rampant in LA I guess.

That same person might be able to help me get on the road and shoot a tour. Worst case, ill shoot their show in Texas in a few months. Best case, they take me with them across the country for a bigger tour. It's the whole reason I quit my job and moved to LA was for this one tour, but shit happens and miscommunications can really throw a wrench in things.

I want to take pictures until I cant lift a camera and my eyes don't work anymore, and I'm committed to that. I promise I am. As for now, I'm unpacking boxes and waiting for tomorrow. That's when better things are coming.

Ill try and keep updating things here. Until then;


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