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Summer On Film and Other Updates

Hey there. So if you follow my Instagram, you know I'm shooting this entire summer on film. It's got it's own account and all that fun stuff. I'm working with my friends! One of which taught me a lot about photography a few years ago, and the other who has never taken any photos on an actual camera. It's gonna be interesting to say the least. I might even make another book out of it all so be ready to be annoyed by that. I've been really obsessive about my photos lately. In the last month, I have easily spent more money on cameras and film than I have in the last two years. Im shooting 120mm seriously, and I have more 35's developed and scanned than ever. I'm thinking of getting a scanner and digitizing all my old black and white stuff. I think that would be neat.

Moral has been low lately. I feel like there's a mountain I need to climb but every step I take, it grows 10 feet taller. It doesn't help that I am stretched so thin right now, I can't shoot as much I want with the people I love seeing. I really wish that this whole Covid thing would just piss off. I want to shoot concerts and live events but that won't be for a while here in LA. I'll see you guys for the next update. With love


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